Thomas Blanchet

I am an economist working on inequality and public finance. I obtained my Ph.D. from the Paris School of Economics in 2020. I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley in 2021–2022, and I am the coordinator for national accounts, statistical tools and methods for the World Inequality Lab at the Paris School of Economics.

Research Papers

Job Market Paper

Uncovering the Dynamics of the Wealth Distribution

  • Preliminary draft [coming soon]

  • Slides [coming soon]

Working Papers

Real-Time Inequality (with Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman)

Published Papers

Wealth Inequality Dynamics in Europe and the United States: Understanding the Determinants (with Clara Martínez-Toledano), Journal of Monetary Economics [conditionally accepted]

Why Is Europe More Equal than the United States? (with Lucas Chancel and Amory Gethin), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (forthcoming)

The Weight of the Rich: Correcting Surveys with Tax Data (with Ignacio Flores and Marc Morgan), Journal of Economic Inequality, 2022

Generalized Pareto Curves: Theory and Applications (with Juliette Fournier and Thomas Piketty), Review of Income and Wealth, 2022, 68: 263-288


Stata command “enforce”

  • Stata command to enforce arbitrary accounting identities between variables.

  • Type ssc install enforce in Stata to install.

  • Code on GitHub

  • SSC archive

Stata command “wid”

R package “wid”

R package “gpinter

Stata command “bfmcorr

  • Stata module to implement the survey correction method of Blanchet, Flores and Morgan (2022).

  • Type ssc install bfmcorr in Stata to install.


Distributional National Accounts Guidelines (2021)

  • I was one of the main coordinators for the latest revision of the Distributional National Accounts Guidelines, the document that establishes the current methodological practices used on

  • Link to PDF

Expert Group Report on the Measurement of Inequality and Redistribution

  • I was co-rapporteur for an official report commanded by the French Statistical Office (INSEE) on the measurement of inequality within the distributional national accounts framework.

  • English version

  • French version

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Stata guide for style and good practices)

  • This basic Stata style guide is the first thing that I ask research assistants to read.

  • It's very much incomplete, but it covers the basics.

  • Link to PDF

Applying Generalized Pareto Curves to Inequality Analysis (2018)

  • with Bertrand Garbinti, Jonathan Goupille and Clara Martìnez-Toledano

  • American Economic Association: Papers & Proceedings, 2018, 108: 114–118

  • Small paper, companion to Generalized Pareto Curves: Theory and Applications.

  • Link to the paper

Prices and currency conversions in (2017)

  • Technical note, targeted at users of, explaining the different approaches and conventions used to perform price adjustments.

  • Its content it now mostly subsumed into the latest DINA guidelines.

  • Link to PDF

National Accounts Series Methodology (2016)

  • with Lucas Chancel

  • Technical note detailing the methodology used to construct harmonized national income series on

  • Its content it now mostly subsumed into the latest DINA guidelines.

  • Link to PDF

Wealth inequality in Europe and in the United States: estimations from surveys, national accounts and wealth rankings (2016)

  • Master Thesis, defended at the Paris School of Economics.

  • Link to PDF